Eco cleaning brick

For household, kitchen, bathroom, garden, garage, car, etc. ...

Cleans ceramics, stainless steel, copper, brass, silver, gold,
aluminium, chrome, enamel, tiles, acrylic, glass, plastics, wood, ...

Quality features
Easy, gentle care cleaning for a clean and shiny surface.
Skin-friendly and biodegradable.
Includes high-quality cleaning / polishing sponge.


Product units


Container size 300 g
Polishing sponge included

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Container size 800 g
without polishing sponge

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for commercial customers, large quantities and an individual private label.

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Rub over the stone with a damp sponge and create foam by squeezing the sponge. Wash off soiled surfaces and rinse with clear water, rub dry, finished. Minimum consumption!


Polishing agents,
soap flakes,
liquid soap,
coconut oil, glycerine,
<5% non-ionic surfactants,
UBA No.: 21300019