Metal washing cream

Starglanz cleans, conserves, maintains and adds shine with just one application.

Starglanz for silver, gold, tin, brass, aluminium, copper, steel, etc.
As an effective cleaning product in the household for cooking plates, sinks, ceramic hobs, irons, kettles, pots, toasters, grills, bathtubs, taps, tiles, mirrors, windows, (Resopal) kitchen furniture, etc.
In the gastronomy you achieve best cleaning results for counters and copper sinks.
Starglanz removes rust from the Autochrome and brings back the shine.


Apply Starglanz to a wet sponge, wash the surface to be cleaned with it until the water runs off, then wipe off - DONE!


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Container size 150 ml

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for commercial customers, large quantities and an individual private label.

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aliphatic hydrocarbons: 15-30%,
non-ionic surfactants >5%,
soap: 5-15%


Further product information can be found by following the link to the product data sheet.